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Nov 14 08 2:21 PM

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"... delivering the mail is one of the few actual government services that is spelled out in the US constitution in no uncertain terms in Article One, Section 8. It doesn't say the postal service must run at a profit, by the way... "
                             J.H. Kunstler clusterfucknation

A friend sent this to me this morning, and I thought it was worth passing on.  Of course, we know the Supreme Court (at least most of them) is in the pocket of the corporazis, so I doubt they'll let this bother them much.

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Nov 14 08 2:58 PM

Deliver MAIL  

not money transfers

Curiously enough I am using the wrong search words or simply having a hard time finding out exactly how much money changes hands via postal money order yearly.

Deliver mail  , not junk mail at a discount , not just in time priority packages , etc etc . In fact mail could be delivered two days a week and be acceptable. Well perhaps not the 90 % of postal workers who would be downsized . 

Cause really burning 444 million gallons of fossil fuel yearly, so local mcshit food joints can send you dollar off coupons is not sustainable.

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Nov 14 08 3:15 PM

Yeah I had a nice go-around at HA with some of the folks there about this very fact. Article 1 section 8 is often ignored by conservative minded folks.

It spells out that the Militia is controlled by Congress, and Second to state government, and Congress is in controll of " Organizing, arming and disciplining, the militia". No definition of militia as community organizing themselves, defending their little hamlets against big bad .gov tax collector types in this. Militias are created to "suppress Insurections and repel Invasions".

That throws a monkey wrench into the Second Amendment debates a bit, as the sentences above these statements refer to Navies and the "regulation of land and naval forces"

The " Power to lay and collect taxes" is well exercised,  as is "To borrow Money on the credit of the United States"

But yeah, "establish post offices and post roads' was used to get the Eisenhower interstate system built.

And the" No Tax or Duty shall be laid on articles exported from any state" has gone to the wayside, but hey, it's their system, and I know better than to expect benefits or protection from "them".

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