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May 1 08 5:05 AM

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Pickering nuclear plant 'leaked radioactive water'

MONTREAL — Thousands of liters of radioactive water have been released into Lake Ontario as a result of an accident at a Canadian nuclear power plant, according to authorities.

"The event was a low level regulatory event with only negligible effect to the environment and no public health implications," Ontario Power said in a statement on Wednesday.

The power company, which is owned by the Ontario provincial government, said 73,000 liters (19,280 gallons) of radioactive water was released into Lake Ontario from the Pickering Nuclear Station.

The Pickering nuclear power station, one of five in Canada, is located 35 kilometers (22 miles) east of Toronto, the country's largest city with 2.6 million inhabitants.

The company blamed the leak on a faulty pump seal and said it was stopped as soon as it was discovered.

"From a regulatory perspective, this is a very low-level event. There is no impact to quality of drinking water," the power company said.

The Canadian commission on nuclear safety also said the risk to the environment and human health was "negligible."

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Tin Warrior

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May 1 08 2:53 PM

I used to live 20 minutes from Pickering and in the shadow of Darlington nuke plant. Heavy water "spills" are more common than people think.
A few years ago a family member helped a small group of people take water samples from around the out take pipes from Pickering. They got the water tested in an independent lab. The amount of garbage in the water was unbelievable. Of course, the public never heard a word of this.
Another investigation was done because Pickering has one of the highest rates of autism in the country. Much talk, smoke and mirrors, sweep it under the carpet, all done, never heard another word. surprise
Sadly, these leaks are just BAU.

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May 2 08 2:38 AM

here is a charming run-down of 100 nuclear facilities in the U.S. which are either in poor repair and/or near earthquake or other environmental hazards as well as population centers:

lovely. i didn't know i had quite so many quite so close to me.

someone needs to map these out on the google or something so you can just plug yourself in, rather than scan the list looking for towns/states!

example entry:

55. Calvert Cliffs
Location: Lusby, MD (40 miles south of Annapolis, MD)
Reactors: 2
Electrical Output (megawatts): Unit 1: 873; Unit 2: 862
Year Operating License Issued: Unit 1: 1974; Unit 2: 1976
Population within 50 Miles: 3,367,816
Relative Safety Rating: middle third
Risk of Natural Disasters:
Likelihood of Earthquake (scale 0-6): 1
Expected Number of Hurricanes in Next Century: 20 - 40
Miles to Potentially Active Volcano: not a factor
Significant Tornadoes (1921-1995): 5 to 10

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