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Silver Monarch

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Feb 17 08 8:48 PM

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Wanted to make the suggestion that if the Tinfoil Palace Forum should go down for any reason, that the Open Minds forum be considered as a temporary gathering place for the participants here.

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Illustrious Alchemist

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#2 [url]

Feb 13 10 3:47 AM

that forum seems not to work well...
at least I can't get it to load,

and we should have a big list of forums to use to pick a new meeting spot,
I would suggest we all check the following list,
and you would all likely be welcomed on this forum, (it is my job to fix this form if it breaks, so will not likely fail)
and my forum
and we should likely all trade email addresses and phone numbers in PMs so we can find each other if every forum goes down

and last of all remember that when LATOC died we had set up a forum we were all suppose to go to
and it is still running...
and almost no one went there for what ever reason,
so I doubt a backup forum will work at all due to lack of people bookmarking them

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Tin Warrior

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#3 [url]

Aug 16 10 1:37 PM

The time and date stamps on yuku appear to be messed up on current and past posts.

Tip: Today 7/1/13, I just learned how to log off of yuku.  At the top right is a square box you click and a drop down menu has a logoff box.  Before I could not log off so I just closed the browser window or left the window open continuously. -- J.E. Ante

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