Aug 31 10 11:23 AM

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Cancel Cable- Disconnect yourself from media lies and White House talking points and stop paying an outrageous monthly fee for lies and dis-information. Other cheap entertainment alternatives include  the internet, NetFlix, and HULU. Or even pull yourself completely away from mainstream media and become more involved in local Community activities. Pay With Cash- Cash has many benefits. Have you ever gone to the gas pump thinking you were getting  one price and then was charged another?  Most gas stations offer the lower price to customers paying with cash. Cash is also a great way to curb spending, and a little security when the banks announce a “holiday”  leaving most americans penniless. Thanks to the new “nanny state” staying off the CIA’s tracking grid will be  almost impossible since cash is now associated with terrorism. Cancel Customer Loyalty Cards- Ok, if you wont cancel your loyalty card  because of the cash savings at  the register than at least use a fake name and information.  This ...

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