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Aug 28 10 10:19 AM

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Hey all.

I've finally found a gap to read Dr Thomas Campbell's TOE and when I came across this little snippet from his research I internally exclaimed "I knew it!".

A few years later, food additives, preservatives, caffeine, and sugar were permanently banished from my diet. I reasoned that subtle natural effects might be washed out by the impact that these substances had on consciousness. I was right – the difference was dramatic.

Campbell, Thomas (2010-10-17). My Big TOE: Awakening (p. 83). Lightning Strike Books. Kindle Edition.

Did y'all get that?  Not just drugs, not just alcohol, but FOOD PRESERVATIVES and ADDITIVES ALSO  dramatically affect a person's state of consciousness.

I've long wondered why they have to load the commercial, industrial food supply with all those preservatives and additives when your average home cook can preserve food perfectly well without them.

Well,  maybe it's by design? 
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Aug 29 10 9:54 AM

so no coffee?  but i *LOVE* my coffee, to the point of roasting my own and going above and beyond to make it right.  i only have 24 oz. or so a day, but it's made perfectly.  humph.  

and it's not like coffee hasn't been around for a long ass time.  

the rest i agree with completely.  caffeine as an additive, sure.  but coffee?  ugh.

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