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Aug 24 10 11:14 AM

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Some Key Points released By Lindsey Williams in his recent interviews :
 - This is not a conspiracy theory it is an agenda
- Cyprus – The startling Real Story
- The American Dollar – How long?????
- Healthcare – A trap -America
- The world’s only hope -Saudi Arabia
- Look out -Iran – Sabre rattling -Derivatives
- Collapse being discussed -(Behind closed doors, all of these things have been discussed)
- We Will See The Collapse of All Paper Money in a Period of two years Maximum The Elite are working for a date of the collapse of all paper currencies , it could be in a year or in a year and half , what happened to the banks in Cyprus will happen to New Zealand Japan Australia Canada and even America , you better get your money from your pension fund bank account retirement account , IRA , 401K or you will lose it all overnight
-The Federal Reserve is making some huge financial moves that will drive the USA deep into debt and decrease the buying power of the dollar. They will take them and use them as an investment in the derivative market. “They will hedge the derivative market.” They will fractionally reserve all the mortgages and turn the $40 billion into $360 billion and make $1 trillion of off mortgage debt in 3 months. The banks receiving the $40 billion will turn around and take this money and buy treasury bills. It will go towards paying the debt of the US, not to improve the economy. Basically, the FED gives the bank money which they give back to the FED and the FED ads fees and interests which drives up the debt more.

Full article/video:
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Aug 24 10 7:01 PM

Nice post, Wendy. It remains to be seen how much of this will play out. The derivatives people are under very close scrutiny these days. And even those at the very top know that an economic collapse has to be engineered just right so as not to hurt too many of them. Devaluations may be seen. Clearly though all of this doesn't make for a good night's sleep.

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