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Aug 23 10 3:51 AM

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imageOrlando Serrell.When a baseball smashed into the side of Orlando Serrell's head as he made a frantic dash to first base, the then 10-year-old fell to the ground and stayed there, for several minutes.Once he slipped out of his daze, he climbed to his feet and, with a splitting headache, continued to play the game. He did not tell his parents about the accident, so did not receive medical treatment, despite a headache that would persist for months.
Serrell had become what the scientific and medical worlds refer to as an acquired savant: someone who is perfectly ordinary until an injury to the brain, after which they possess a remarkable ability. 

Serrell, from the US, was an ordinary child before he received that blow to the head on a Virginia baseball field in 1979. But one year later, when the headaches had cleared, it dawned on Serrell that he had been left with an uncanny side effect, one that has stayed with him. He could perform complex calendrical calculations in his head with dizzying speed and complete accuracy. The number of days between two dates, the number of times January 6 has fallen on a Saturday - Serrell could answer questions such as these in his head, and in an instant.
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Aug 23 10 2:36 PM

We all receive blows to the head occasionally but do not become savants.   Or maybe we DO all become savants of some kind with each new blow to the head.  Just not savants of abilities that others recognize as useful and talents worth having.  This is an amazing world of idiots but times are a changing.  

Perhaps the worldwide vaccine induced epidemic of autism this past 60 years is a NWO program to see what kind of useful savants they can produce by inducing this brain damage in hundreds of millions of people worldwide.   Never thought of that.  Evil genius at work of the 4th Reich. But then they are likely to create savants with abilities that the 4th Reich finds troublesome and irritating like Tinfoil folks. 

I just found this Project Camelot tape which Kerry says autism was created by the NWO looking for pre-cogs and savants.  -- J.E. Ante

Project Camelot: Kerry at Bilderberg Fringe Fest  6/12/2013

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