Aug 2 10 5:57 PM

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The alien presence on Earth is far more massive than anyone realizes.  I believe many of our celebrity actors and actresses are our greatest teachers and are also aliens from other planets.   And the massive films and TV media industries are our 3D classroom training films for life on Earth.  And this is just one area of service which alien teachers excell.

What I dislike most is the sharp pyramid civilization created by Earth's elite with the few elite on top and the far majority of Earth's masses on the bottom.  This is in stark contrast to the spiritualized Martians, Agarthians, Greys, and Reptilians teacher races of Earth.  The reptilians which are the main teachers of the negative lessons of war and power on Earth have only five tiers to their own negative oriented pyramid civilizations and worlds.   But their individual sacrifices have me in awe of their dedication and service.  Image what it is like for an elite reptilian to volunteer to change their body covering to a human body covering and live on Earth among humans.  Then return to their home planet when their tour is completed and live among their fully reptilian kind.  Many of these alien teacher have been killed by their warrior class just because they still smelled human and offended a warrior by their smell in their presence.  So most of these volunteer alien teachers live only amongst other returning teachers from Earth.  But they know this is their fate even before volunteering to go to Earth.

Or the highly spiritual elite Martians that live and work on Earth.  Thousands of them toil as actors and actresses in every culture to teach mankind the wonders of life and living yet their sacrifices are totally unknown and unacknowledged by their human students on Earth.  They toil that one day their one million surviving population may be allowed to immigrate to Earth from their overheating and dying planet.  But they know that all the Earth's rulers really want is their small fleet of Grey UFOs that are far superior to Earth's UFOs.  The three main powers of Earth knows that whoever gets these UFO craft can rule the other two powers by force.  But the Martians are content to live and die in mass on Mars rather than allow this.  But they still toil on in secret and impart their wisdom of life and living in song and dance and love.  And no one suspects their Martian heritage or service to mankind.

I for one am in awe of the alien service and dedication to teaching mankind all these centuries.  And I feel very sad it is unknown and unappreciated by all humans who have benefited by this loving service.  -- J.E. Ante