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Feb 17 09 6:51 PM

I think the problem had to do with having to move to the forum which cost a lot more per month. A better option would have been to use the same hosting service, moved older messages to an archived forum, and then just use Google as the search engine for the latter.

Re: admins, I think several were already volunteering. The same went for mods.

Re: AP, etc., close the forum to non-registered users and 'bots.

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#22 [url]

Feb 17 09 8:04 PM

What disappointed me the most was his afterward blocking access to the archives. A lot of people invested a lot of time and effort in that forum. with a lot of good info up there.That said, someone just told me an excellent quote the other day.  . . . People don't remember you for what you say.. And people don't remember you for what you do. But people DO remember you for how you treat them. What it all comes down to is courtesy, professionalism, and maturity. Speaking of which, I had an almost identical experience with the recently formed Citizens Party(excellent Main Street Platform by the way). Unfortunately, the gentleman running it is acting in Savanarish fashion(control freak who won't delegate authority and censors forum posts big time). Needless to say, I reluctantly had to part ways with him and now support the newly formed Justice Party

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